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Welcome to AS Moon, a quick sell porthole where owners who want to sell their properties fast are connected with buyers willing to purchase immediately for a discount price.


It can be very difficult to sell your property immediately, with this fluctuating market and sometimes unclear economical prospect. Some properties remain in the market for months, even years, because for one reason or another they're just too difficult to sell. However, in some cases owners just don't want to wait that long - or even are unable to! Divorces, removals, debt, upsizing, downsizing and many other situations may put owners in a quite tight spot. They need to sell fast, but how can they find someone willing to purchase their property right away?

We are here to give those owners a hand. Not only do we want to help them find their buyer as soon as possible, but also we want to protect them from not-very-reliable estate investors who want to take advantage of them and purchase their properties for a fraction of their price, and will often scam or rip off owners last minute. We have heard lots of stories like that, with fine print and sudden price drops when it's too late for sellers to step back.

AS Moon will put indepnedent buyers in contact with owners who want to sell fast. Of course, if you want to do so you will have to offer your potential buyers a good deal, pricing down your property, but that's what a quick sale is always all about. Offer the best price and present your property as convincingly as you can, and you will have buyers knocking on your door right away!



How to use AS Moon

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Are you a buyer or a seller? When your register in our system, you have to choose whether you are here to sell or to buy a property. You can change your label later if you want to use this site the other way around.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation that you are in the system, as well as a password for your user. With this information you will be able to submit or see properties.

Read our articles to find advice on how to present your property in a compelling and interesting way, as well as how to price it down in order to sell it more quickly.

Your property will only be visible to members of our site who are under the "buyer" label. You can get in contact with them once they have shown interest in your property.

If you are registered as "buyer", you will immediately access our listings of properties. You can search for area, price or any other filter of your convenience. Compare properties and contact the owner to know more!

If you are a seller, we will let you know immedaitely when someone is interested in your property. You and your potential buyer can get in contact and discuss the price, visits to the property and eventually the closure of your deal!




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